Seamlessly record and upload audio on your iOS device
Dio Recorder is the perfect audio recorder for non-technical or volunteer environments like churches, schools, businesses, and local governments. Easily schedule recordings for future events or record on the fly. When the recording is complete it can be automatically sent to your Dropbox account. Or you can upload your file to your Facebook or YouTube account.

Use it on your iPhone, or install Dio on a dedicated device, like an iPod Touch or iPad, to create a powerful programmable recorder that can be left in place to automatically record sermons, lectures or meetings on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Dio will send you an email in advance to confirm that your device is ready to record. Once the recoding is complete Dio Recorder lets you know when it is sent to Dropbox. Set it, forget it, and let Dio Recorder notify an audio engineer or webmaster that your recording is ready to edit and deploy.

Key Features:
  • Tap to record, pause, resume, save
  • Simple interface to select start date/time, duration, repeating schedule and e-mail notification
  • Link to Dropbox to automatically send recordings to your account
  • Convert audio files into video format and upload them to Dropbox, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Select whether you want to upload using cellular access or wait until Wi-Fi is available
  • Input using internal device mic, external accessory mic or line-in from mixer
  • Output is high-quality m4a
  • Easily used by non-technical people as a replacement for complicated handheld recorders
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