Key Features:
  • Graphically displays the audio so you can see significant changes which makes it easy visually locate the sections if there is an obvious transition in the audio.
  • Drop and drag pins for locating the start and finish of the audio you wish to publish.
  • Precision adjustment tool for precisely located the start and end point of the audio.
  • Audio scrubbing allows you to move the mouse over the audio and plays that audio portion so you can quickly find the area you are targeting.
  • Auto file naming or manual file name entry
  • Easy to use meta data entry form
  • Multiple upload options to choose from which currently this includes YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, custom FTP.
  • And much moreā€¦
The easiest audio editor on the market
Dio Editor is unlike any audio editor on the market. It was designed to be used by anyone without any audio editing knowledge or experience. It is the perfect audio editor for non-technical or volunteer environments like churches, schools and local governments. After opening the file you want to edit, all you have to do is to select the start and end portion of the audio you want to publish and then Dio Editor automatically adjusts the volume and adds fading in and out to produce a professional result.

Dio Editor Download Files
*The download is a trial version limited only to 5 audio file edits.

Editor Unlock Code
The unlock code will give you full access to the Dio Editor Software

Add To Cart
1. Open your recording (Dio Recorder uploads them to Dropbox, if connected)
2. Using the playback mechanisms, find the beginning of the audio track
3. Mark the beginning section by clicking the timeline
4. Find the end of the audio track
5. Mark the end by clicking the timeline
6. Enter any details for the recording while Dio Editor processes your file and optimizes the volume levels
7. Select where you want to save your file or publish it to the web
8. Done.
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